"It is not religious persecution for an informed person to expose publicly a certain religion as being false. ... To make a public exposure of false religion is ... a public service." Watchtower magazine, Nov 15, 1963, Article: "Execution of Divine Judgment upon False Religion", par 3

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Cult Prepares For The Final Hour.

Since the late 1800's Jehovah's Witnesses have feared 'the day of 'armageddon'.

Armageddon is a day when billions of people, all world governments, and 'false religions' are completely destroyed by Jehovah. Only the most faithful and loyal followers of Jehovah God AND 'His organization' are expected to survive. (See Watchtower Sept 1989)

JW's believe they will be saved because they belong to God's organization. All other religions are 'false' and together they belong to 'Satan's organization'. JW's say they are 'in the truth'. Everyone else is 'out of the truth'. However even the most loyal JW's are never certain of their salvation.

JW's worry they may have not done enough for Jehovah or that they didn't follow Jehovah's rules perfectly. They fear God might not find them worthy enough to earn the 'prize' of eternal life. They also worry that they might do something wrong on the 'day of armageddon' which could mean eternal death with no hope of a resurrection.

There are only two ways of surviving Armageddon. Earn God's favor on the day of Armageddon OR die before Armagddon and be resurrected to life on a 'paradise earth' some time after Armgeddon. Resurrection allows them to have new 'perfect' body, and since they are told Satan will be locked up for a 1000 years, it will be easy for them to keep all of Jehovah's laws. Satan will no longer be able to tempt them to sin like he did before Armageddon.

Sadly because of this Watchtower teaching, death before Armageddon is sometimes a more attractive option for JW's who are not confident enough they'll be spared by Jehovah on the day of Armageddon.

Understand the Dangers. It's A Cult, - Not Just Another Harmless Religion.

EX-JW's Talk About The Truth On Facebook.

The Watchtower refers to former EX-JW's (i.e. EX-Jehovah's Witnesses) as 'apostates'. However critics say that the real apostates are the leaders of the Watchtower Society. Why? Because they have rejected the love of 'enemies' that Jesus taught. The Watchtower teaches JW's to hate enemies! See Religious Persecution

Instead of being saved by God's grace, Jehovah's Witnesses are promised salvation if they work hard for the organization. They must obey the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and Elders without asking questions or disagreeing.

The problem is how do you know when you've done enough for Jehovah? What if you could have done a little bit more and didn't? What if you don't believe everything the Watchtower teaches? What if you secretly broke some rules? You fooled the Watchtower, but did you fool Jehovah? Did Jehovah see you breaking his rules? Did he see you sinning over and over again?

Jehovah's Witnesses carry a heavy load. After working so hard for salvation, they are never sure that they will be saved. They could spend an entire life time keeping rules fairly well, but if they sin the day of armageddon, they worry that Jehovah may not spare them. They may die forever without any hopes of a resurrection.

Instead of relying on God, the organization has become the path to eternal life just like 'the ark' in Noah's day.

In order to 'keep the organization clean' and avoid Jehovah's anger upon the entire organization at armageddon, Jehovah's Witnesses are required to keep strict rules. The list of things Jehovah 'hates' grows every day.

  1. How many JW's suffer from mental illness because of constant emotional stress?
  2. How many JW's have died needlessly because they can't have blood transfusions?
  3. How many JW's have been so depressed that they've taken their own lives? See the Watchtower's Shunning Policy

Watchtower Vs Christianity.

The Watchtower tells everyone that Jesus is 'a god' but NOT God. John 1:1; How do they know this? What proof do they have and where does the proof come from? Did it come from Johannes Greiber's translation of the Bible? Who was Johannes Grieber and why did the Watchtower copy Johannes Greiber's translation of John 1:1 word for word in the New World Translation of Jehovah's Witnesses?

The answer to this question will shock you, especially if you're a Jehovah's Witness.

This video will prove to interested persons and Jehovah's Witnesses that the oldest Bible manuscripts do not support the teachings of the Watchtower about Jesus. The source of the following information comes directly from Watchtower literature and the Bible so it is accurate.

If you're a JW, why waste the rest of your life? If you trust the Watchtower, you won't after you watch this video.

Breakup of Families.

The practice of shunning 'apostates' causes extreme depression for apostates AND JW's! Shunning pressures JW's into returning to the organization but causes unimaginable emotional pain. Some EX-JW's haven't heard from their relatives in decades.

JW's are using a symbolic 'sword' to break up families because the Watchtower says Jesus came to bring 'a sword', divisions, and the break up of families. Matthew 10:34 'I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.'

Because of this one scripture, JW's are told that shunning is a test of loyalty to Jesus but this is twisted reasoning and a gross misinterpretation of what this Bible verse means.

Jesus had 'followers'. He didn't use force! He didn't threaten to kill anyone. He NEVER used a sword to intimidate enemies into being Christians! Christians were not violent. It was the enemies of Jesus who were using 'a sword' to kill Christians, cause divisions, and the break up of families.

By using emotional violence (a sword) against apostates, JW's are unwittingly being loyal to the enemies of Jesus! They are rejecting every single principle of love for 'enemies' that Jesus and 'the Father' taught.

Spiritual Darkness.

Watchtower censors information and forbids Jehovah's Witnesses from considering what 'apostates' have to say. Thus they keep Jehovah's Witnesses in spiritual darkness. See Censored Information

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JW News Stories.

Jehovah's Witnesses: A silent history of child sex abuse

Wed, 25 Apr 2018 03:51:00 GMT: second was all it took. A second was all he needed. The little girl was 4, round-faced and freckled and dressed in her Sunday best. She was fidgeting next to her father inside the Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall in Red Lion, York County — a safe ... ...,

Russian Crackdown on Jehovah’s Witnesses Scatters Them to Finland and Elsewhere

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 10:26:00 GMT: Russian security agents from the FSB (the successor to the KGB) and members of the Russian National Guard are on the hunt for Jehovah’s Witnesses. On Friday, Murmansk regional authorities’ newspaper Murmanski Vestnik reported about raids made by FSB ... ...,

NY Health Officials Warn of Jehovah's Witness Measles Exposure

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 16:51:00 GMT: It was at least the fourth time this year European travelers with measles visited the tri-state area Two European tourists with measles potentially exposed others at three Jehovah's Witness facilities in the greater New York City area, health officials ... ...,

Mother, 44, attacked group of Jehovah's Witnesses with a claw hammer when they knocked on her door after she had downed two bottles of vodka and eight cans of strong lager

Thu, 12 Apr 2018 10:48:00 GMT: A drunk woman who attacked a group of Jehovah Witnesses on her doorstep with a claw hammer after they tried to convert her to Christianity has avoided jail time. Kerry Mitchell had downed two bottles of vodka and eight cans of strong lager over 24 hours ... ...,

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Anniversary of Russia ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses as extremist

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 17:43:00 GMT: The ruling meant that Jehovah’s Witnesses were prohibited from everything including door-to-door evangelizing or church activities of any kind. Since then, members of this group have gone through a lot. Their homes have been raided by Russian authorities ... ...,

Package delivered to Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in 'unusual manner,' police say

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Jehovah's witness pleads guilty to smoking ice and drinking before rolling her rental car while driving 131 km/h - despite her husband's pleas for her to pull over

Sat, 14 Apr 2018 08:39:00 GMT: Donna Le-anne Gayford, 41, pleaded guilty to drug-driving, mid-range drink driving, and driving dangerously in the Darwin Local Court, the Northern Territory News reported. She had been 'drinking,' and 'smoking ice' before she rolled her rented ... ...,

2 Connecticut Babies Contract Measles While Traveling Abroad; State Health Department Issues Warning

Tue, 24 Apr 2018 09:29:00 GMT: The cases follow news last week in New York that two European tourists with measles potentially exposed others at three Jehovah's Witness facilities in the NYC area Two Connecticut children younger than a year old have confirmed cases of the measles ... ...,

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